NMMA Sportshows produce the Premier Outdoor Sports Shows East of the Mississippi.


Acquired by National Marine Manufacturers Association (NMMA) from American Sportfishing Association (ASA) in October 2016, we have been producing outdoor sport shows since 1977.  We deliver outstanding attendance to our exhibitors while ensuring a diverse selection of quality outdoor sports related exhibits are available to our attendees.  All our events take place in affluent suburbs of high population metro markets that are hotbeds for outdoor sports enthusiasts.  Show venues are carefully selected to maximize potential within target markets while ensuring easy and safe access for both exhibitors and attendees.


Our shows afford exhibitors and attendees opportunities not available on the internet, at big box stores nor through media outlets such as TV, Radio or Print..... all under one roof!  Our shows offer face-to-face interactions and an opportunity to touch and feel new products, the most critical component in decision making for both buyers and sellers.  Whether a novice or experienced outdoor enthusiast, all shows feature activities and seminars to engage and educate anglers, hunters and their families.


  • Booking a trip?  Meet the lodge owner, outfitter or guide before investing hundreds or thousands of dollars.


  • Buying Fishing or Hunting Gear?  Meet the manufacturer, ask your questions, hold the product and then visit a local retailer, also exhibiting at the show, to complete the purchase all during one visit.
  • Want to learn a new technique or master an existing one?  Our shows feature local and national instructors along with top level professional celebrities. 


  • Need a Boat or Kayak?  Explore multiple lines all under one roof simultaneously.
  • Interested in other "toys"?  Campers, RVs, ATVs, and/or Trucks are often available at our events for sale by local dealers.


Our shows are the leader in outdoor sportshows east of the Mississippi.  Our staff is customer service driven - professional, courteous and experienced.