This is what our past exhibitors have to say:


“Nice job and a great show! We wanted to say thanks for making it possible for us to exhibit at the Suffern show. We have a better than average understanding of what it takes to present one of these shows and Suffern was a job well done by all.   We enjoyed the event completely and were very pleased with the amount of interest we received. We are as sure as we can be, short of having a deposit in our hands that we will write business as a result of our presence there."
- Carroll & Lila Ware, Fins and Furs Adventures

“Garmin did three of the four Eastern Consumer Shows (Chicago, New York & Philadelphia).  They have great seminars to educate the consumer, target their marketing to bring in the right audience, and produce well run events.  We handed out a TON of brochures and plan on returning in 2015." 
- Mark McQuown, Regional Sales Manager, Garmin


“Great show in Suffern. Thanks again. My website traffic more than tripled Sunday and even aside from that, great group of people."
- Eddie Johns, K.B. White

“The Eastern Consumer Shows are a very important part of Daiwa’s marketing presence. It is one thing to see pictures of a product online or in a catalog but these shows put our products in the hands of our target audience, the anglers. The shows are very well organized, promoted heavily, and as a result, receive tremendous traffic. We plan to participate in their shows every year. "
- Curt Arakawa, Marketing Manager, Daiwa Corporation